Voice Hackathon

Need an assistant to work with? Why not design your own?

Registration until 15th Feb 23:59 IST
Hackathon window from 20 Feb - 1 March 2020

It’s time to put your Google home mini devices to good use. Atos Syntel is inviting participants globally to create prototypes, POCs or solutions using the Google voice ecosystem (google home devices, Google assistant and google APIs). Innovate in a fast paced fun atmosphere to develop technical or domain specific solutions leveraging voice commands and Google home devices in order to help businesses and customers redefine their services, processes, operations through improved business interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

A hackathon is a useful innovation tool for exploring difficult problems and creating new and innovative solutions. It does not have to involve technology but usually does. This is a strictly time-boxed event, usually lasting for 1-3 days during which representatives from various disciplines come together to form diverse, multi-disciplinary teams and collaborate intensively.

Examples already used within Atos:
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Red Hat Sustainability OpenShift Hack 
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3 February – 15 February 2020

Google Technologies.

Minimum 2 and maximum 3 members including team lead per team is allowed.
Mentors, Senior team members, Principal Consultants and above can be part of the team, but team size cannot exceed three members.

  • The contest is open for IT employees across all Atos Syntel and Atos BNPS locations.
  • Teams can be formed across locations, domains and projects.
  • At least one team member should have the Google Mini Home device.
  • Employees who have not received the device for some reason can also participate.
  • An employee cannot participate in more than one team.
  • In order to participate in the Hackathon, team will have to register at https://atos-hackathons.typeform.com/to/maaOHV 
  • Mentor will not get the credit points.
  • Use Case Synopsis has to submitted at the time of registration.
  • If team wants to use any of the asset available in the catalog available at My Atos Syntel > Sitemap >
    Hackathon > Catalog
    , then
    • Send the Hackathon name(s), team id(s) and asset name(s) to Hackathon team at
    • Hackathon team will share the details with the team.
  • Due to the nature of this Hackathon, dedicated lab facility and access to corporate WiFi will not be provided.
  • Participating teams cannot use desktops in the office because there is no connectivity for WiFi or the Google
    Home Mini device.
  • Participants will have to work using their personal laptops and internet connection/WiFi.
  • Participants are expected to work outside the billable hours.
  • Personal laptops will not be allowed in the office; however, Google Mini Home devices can be brought in.
  • Participants will have to do development and testing outside office premises. However, planning, discussion
    and brainstorming can be done in office.

Hackathon team will not provide any software.

  • After development is complete, participants will have to upload / submit the same during the Hackathon open window along with supporting documentation at https://git.atosone.com/hackathons-global/2020-01-voice-hackathon
  • Submissions without the supporting documentation will not be accepted.
  • Files submitted after the Hackathon Window (i.e. 11:59 pm 1 March, 2020 of respective locations)
    won’t be considered. In other words, the timestamp of the submitted files should be on or before cut-off time.
  • Evaluation will happen in multiple rounds; Shortlisting and Final Evaluation.
  • Shortlisting of assets will be done by an evaluation team and final evaluation / selection of the winners will
    be done by a jury panel.
  • Evaluation team will be formed based on the technology stack collected during registration and will consist
    of Domain/Delivery SMEs, Technical Architects and Principal Architects.
  • Jury panel will consist of technology experts and senior leaders.
  • Evaluation team will evaluate and shortlist the assets using following criteria with equal weightages:
    • Innovation – How innovative and original the idea is?
    • Business Value – Does the developed asset have potential to win a client project?
    • Technology – How well the technology is used?
    • Reusability – How easily the asset can be reused across domains/verticals/projects?
  • Within 6 weeks after the event, short-listing will be completed.
  • The teams of shortlisted assets will have to present their work before the Jury Panel for the final round.
  • The results of Hackathon will be declared by end of Feb 2020.
  • The decision of evaluation team and jury panel will be final and binding.


The selection of winners and runner-ups will be global. The prizes for Winning and runner-up teams are as follows:


  • Off-shore 30,000 INR
  • On-shore 450 USD

1st Runner-up

  • On-shore 15,000 INR
  • Off-shore 200 USD

2nd Runner-up

  • On-shore 10,000 INR
  • Off-shore 150 USD

All participants will get X.O credit points except mentor. Shortlisted participants, winners and runner-ups will get additional credit points. Mentor will get the credit points only if he is either a team/lead.

The points table is as follows:

6 base credit points allocated for Participation

4 Bonus points will be awarded in case you are in the top shortlisted teams. This is in addition to the 6 base credit points earned.

4 Bonus points will be awarded in case you are adjudged the Runners-up or 6 Bonus points will be awarded in case you are adjudged the Winner. So, the cumulative score one can earn in case you participate, get shortlisted and win is (6 base + 4 bonus + 6 bonus pints (winner) is 16 points). Likewise, the cumulative score on can earn in case you participate, get shortlisted and are runners-up is (6 base + 4 bonus + 4 bonus points (runners-up) is 14 pints).

Note: You may participate in any or all of the Hackathons organised in the calendar year. However, the maximum number of points you can earn and log is 16 credit per skill (Skill 1 or Skill2).

Spot awards from Leaders

Winning and runner-up team members may get Spot Awards from Leaders. Apart from winners and runner-ups, teams that are specially recognized, may also get Spot Awards.

  • If participants are part of any client ODC or billable resources, the respective DM/EM should inform the customer that the team is participating in an internal contest outside billable hours.
  • Participants have to ensure that only generic use cases that do not involve customer confidential information are selected.
  • Participants who decide to build a prototype for their customer for whom they are also billable, should develop the asset outside their billing hours.
  • Participants should not use/reuse code from any Syntel offerings including IP offerings and client deliverables including current or past deliverables.
  • Unlicensed copying from internet, customer, competitor or any other source whether in entirety or partially is not permitted and may attract disciplinary action, including termination if concealment or malicious intent is involved. Refer to HR Policy Manual for clear rules on this point. Licensed copying of code from Open Source as well as using Open Source as-is in the solution requires careful review of the applicable license and solution architecture. Use of non-trivial code fragments from internet without an accompanying
    license that clearly permits proposed use is not permitted.
  • Teams can use/reuse/mash up/repurpose any existing reusable assets and solutions from Hackathon
    repository including those created during previous Hackathons and evaluation will factor in innovation involved (i.e. no penalty for reuse or no advantage for number of lines of code written afresh) which is already a factor.

Hackathon registration closed.