Red Hat Ansible training paths

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Hackathon Pre-requisites: The RMG Ansible Hackathon participants who will take a ‘Hacker’ role in the hackathon (i.e. using code to solve problems) are required to complete at least one of the Red Hat’s training courses.

Red Hat and Atos experts have tailored training paths for key specialities and areas of interest.

Training Platform

Please follow this step-by-step guide to access the training platform.
Start by going to and follow the instructions on this page to register.

Having difficulties registering?
If you are running into any difficulty signing up for the training, please email to 

NOTE: if the registration steps in the below visual guide are different for you, please follow the Official Red Hat Guide instead. Download here


Preferred (and goes towards selection)

  • Red Hat Ansible Engine Foundations (8 hrs) [Identifier: 41298768]



  • Red Hat Ansible Tower Implementation (16 hrs) [Identifier: 40843622]
  • Red Hat Ansible Engine Implementation – Part 1 (22 hrs) [Identifier: 41123548]
  • Red Hat Ansible Engine Implementation – Part 2 (22 hrs) [Identifier: 41361252]

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