Microsoft Power Hackathon

Automate everyday's processes with the Low-Code MS O365 Power Platform

Register to the hackathon by 6th of September 2019 (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

Do you have an Automation idea?

We’re always looking for ways to do things better at ATOS and we’re passionate about how technology can help us do that. We’re working with Microsoft on an exciting project to use some exciting software tools that allow us to build out incredible app to make our business faster and smarter. What’s best is that everyone can play a part, you don’t have to be a technical guru to build apps!

So, what are these tools? They’re called PowerApps and Microsoft FlowPowerApps enables you to visually design and configure apps for your phone, tablet and PC in much the same way you use PowerPoint, Word and Excel. Microsoft Flow allows you to configure processes such as simple things like notifications and approvals or very complex end-to-end business processes.

To get everyone involved we’re running a Hackathon on Sept 4th & 23rd ,2019. 
The hackathon will take place in MS Campuses in UK, France and Germany.

Up-front MS Power Platform training

To get you and your team prepared for the hackathon, a facilitated, full day remote training on Microsoft’s Power Platform will be delivered.

The training session will be recorded and a dedicated Mentoring channel running for all of September 2019.

Training is available for everyone in Atos and Atos Syntel. To participate the training, you do not have to take part in the hackathon.

Get Inspired

Watch the stories from The French National Railway and London Heathrow Airport on how Microsoft Power Platform transformed their processes and career.

London Heathrow Airport

French National Railway

Learn more about the Microsoft Power Apps platform on this 5 minute introduction to the platform followed with 30 minute mini training.

If you can not wait for the 1 day facilitated remote training, you can have a head-start on picking some of the pre-designed training paths.

Frequently Asked Questions

A hackathon is a useful innovation tool for exploring difficult problems and creating new and innovative solutions. It does not have to involve technology but usually does. This is a strictly time-boxed event, usually lasting for 1-3 days during which representatives from various disciplines come together to form diverse, multi-disciplinary teams and collaborate intensively.

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The theme of the hackathon is ‘Automating Everyday’s Processes‘.

In the today’s fast paced and ever-changing environment we are in a constant fight about valuable time. Now, more than ever, it’s important to work smart, not hard.

The Microsoft Power Hackathon is here to up-skill you on the  Microsoft’s Low-Code Power Platform so that you can advance your smartness in the workplace by automating everyday processes like a developer – but without the development skills!

A mixture between a Focused and Experimental hackathon conducted online with local hacker hubs available for participating teams.

Hackathon’s characteristics:

  • Participant Power Platform training upfront
  • Co-located Hackathon over multiple locations
  • During billable hours 
  • Pre-formed teams
  • Pre-submitted and screened ideas 
  • Team size of 2-3 people max
  • Up to 20 people per location, total of 60 people.

Local Hacker Hubs at Microsoft’s Campuses will be set-up for the duration of the hackathon at the following locations:

  1. France, Paris
  2. Germany, Munich
  3. United Kingdom, Reading
Specific locations and welcome guides will be sent to the nominated Hackathon participants.
Wi-Fi, Food and beverage will be provided to unleash your creative thinking!

The MS Power Hack is the ideal entry-level hackathon for people with no previous development (coding) knowledge. Participants with all sorts of backgrounds are welcome – be it Sales, Creative, Project and Account Management, HR, Marketing, Procurement and more career paths! Developers are welcome too. 

Remember – forming a multi-disciplinary team covering each skillset is always greatly beneficial to the outcome of the hackathon.

The Hackathon is available for all Atos-Syntel and Atos staff located in the countries where hackathon takes place (United Kingdom, Paris and Germany).

More information found in:

  • Team size, roles and more under “Team formation?”
  • Particular technical knowledge requirements under “Environments and Software”

Initial Idea Submission
The initial idea submissions will be evaluated against: 

“What problem are you solving?”
Start your story by outlining a clear and important unmet need for specific users. Use a dramatic fact or personal anecdote in the description.

“How will you solve the problem with Microsoft Power Platform?”
Describe how your new solution satisfies a user’s unmet need. Please articulate exactly how your innovation works, using plain and non-technical language. Mention any potential negatives and give reasons why they are not an issue.

“How big is the problem?”
Describe the size of the problem and the value if it has been solved

Proof of Concept evaluation criteria after the Hackathon
The concepts developed during the hackathon will be evaluated against the following criteria:

10 Points for Business Category
How will your solution transform the organisation?:

  • Innovation level “Wow, we never thought of that!” (2 points)
  • Long term value “This will bring us further!” (3 points)
  • Short term value: “We really need this now!” (5 points)
10 Points for Technical Category
How well is your solution built and ready to be deployed?

  • Use of one or more Business Data Sources (1 point per data source, max 2 points)
  • Technical level execution (1 point per tool used, max 3 points)
  • Completeness level of the solution (5 points)
5 Points for Design Category
How well will your solution be adopted by the users reflecting the organisation’s image? 
  • Intuitive User Experience (3 points)
  • Good use of organisation’s branding (2 points)

The hackathon teams will be pre-formed online during the Abstract submission stage.
Only the best teams and abstracts will be nominated to compete in the hackathon.

However, if you do not have an idea for the hackathon – how about asking your colleagues and exploring if you can contribute to bringing their idea to life? The idea realisation is not a one-person job, it takes a team! 

The team requirements:

  • Team size: 2-3 members max
  • Team format: Strictly multi-disciplinary teams, each team must have each of the key 3 roles covered.
  • Team lead: Each team must nominate a Team Lead to act as a single point of contact. 
Suggested team roles: (one person can fill several roles) 

RoleRole focusTypical career path

Focusing on the Proof of Concept’s application to a business context, acting a bridge between the business and the team e.g.

  • is this what the business needs?
  • what is the business impact of introducing this PoC?
  • can something like this be implemented without major re-vamp of the environment?
  • how to pitch the PoC?
Business Analyst, Project Manager, Sales, Marketing

Focusing on delivering a working (on the Low-Code MS Power Platform  PoC and/or ensuring technical feasibility, e.g.:

  • tech-spikes for investigating technology application for the context of PoC
  • guiding on the art-of-the-possible tech application
  • delivering partly/fully coded PoC
Full stack developer, Front-end developer, Back-end developer, System’s Architect, Data Engineer, Software Engineer, etc

Focusing on the creative side, the visualisation and ideation. Might lead or co-lead on user and business need gathering/analysis for the PoC together with Hustler. The position caters for:

  • how do we visualise this?
  • assist on story-telling, final pitch refinement
  • what do users think and feel when using the PoC?
Service Designer, UX Designer, UI Designer, Graphic Designer, etc.
  • Participants will have full access (i.e. external connectors) to the MS Power Platform since the training to 30 days after the hackathon (until the end of October).
  • Participants will create solutions using the Microsoft Power Platform
  • The teams will be allowed to start the development work after the inauguration of Hackathon and till the end of Hackathon window.
  • Produce blank app templates (for both Phone and Tablet devices) that have the corporate branding, graphics, colour schemes – make it as easy to get started

The prizes are yet to be announced. 

The MS Power Hackathon is a Learning & Development initiative hence the funding is covered by the Training Budget.

If you are planning to participate the hackathon, make sure to obtain the approval from your Line Manager for two days:

  • 4th September for remote training session
  • 23rd September for a co-located hackathon participation with relevant travel expenses

Bring your laptop & charger!

Remember to come as a pre-formed team by registering and submitting your ideas via the Registration link.

  • Atos and Atos Syntel owns the intellectual property developed during the hackathon
  • The rest of the T&C’s are still to be defined.

Process and Timeline

Ideas Submission and Registration

19 July – 6 September

Do you have an idea on how you would Automate an every-day process to work Smarter?

If not, that’s fine too! It’s not just about ideas. The execution is vital to the success. How about you team up with someone who has an idea and bring your unique skillset, insider knowledge to the table? 

Ideas Assessment

1 August – 13 September

The submitted ideas will be evaluated based on the published evaluation criteria and weighting. Only the best teams and ideas will make it to the hackathon. All participants will be informed by Atos whether they are selected for the Hackathon and have a chance to compete for prizes.

MS Power Platform remote & facilitated training

4 September + recorded webinar

09:30Learn about the components and capabilities of the Microsoft Power Platform
10:30Customer Stories : Discover how 3 organisations have use the Microsoft Power Platform to solve business problems. Great source of inspiration for hackathon project ideas!
12:30Lunch break
13:30How to create an app in 30 minutes from start to finish with the Microsoft Power Platform. Excellent way to have ideas on how to build things fast!
14:00Hands-on Lab : Learn the basics of PowerApps by completing training modules from the PowerApps training template from the PowerApps portal.
17:00Q&A – Wrap Up

The Hackathon

23 September

A total of 60 participants will compete over 3 different locations across Europe.
Microsoft and Atos Mentors will be available in the Local Hacker labs. 

At the end of the event, teams will have 10 minutes in total to convince the executive jury. 5 minutes to pitch your solution + 5 minutes for the Q&A session. 

The winners and runner-ups will be announced and awarded on the day! 

08:30 Arrivals & on-site breakfast
09:00 Kick-Off
09:30 Brainstorming & Journey Mapping in teams
12:00 Lunch break
12:30 Creating the solutions on MS Power Platform in teams
17:00 Pitching
18:00 Evaluation
18:30 Awards

Register to the Microsoft Power Hack by 6th September