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Team registration is now open! Submit the outline of your idea and the team’s details.

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Ideathon's timeline


Until 24 September

The senior team Mentors are nominating their team. Commitment to sponsorship


25 September – 5 October

Let the ideathon begin!

Tune in for advice from our experts to get you started.


 – 11 October

Shortlisted teams will compete in the final remote-pitching in front of expert jury.

Final pitching

12 October onwards

Awards and X.O. points for the contestants.

Who should join?

The pandemic has been extremely challenging, both on the human and economic front. But, as history has shown us, repeatedly, a crisis often brings opportunities for innovation and change. Thus, it is critical that we leverage our abilities to produce a strong, sustained, and inclusive response to the ongoing crisis.

To further strengthen our confidence and intensify our co-operation, we are pleased to announce Ideathon 2020 – an opportunity to rethink and reimagine sustainable business in the new normal. The event entails an intensive brainstorming workshop to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time. The main aim is to generate possible contactless cross-functional employee process ideas to achieve competitive advantage and be ready for the future.

You will also be receiving expert guidance from our function leaders, who will mentor your ideation and creation process. Our business leaders will be on the jury panel and nominate the final implementable ideas.

We acknowledge that an Ideathon is not for everyone because of the time commitment and intensity. For us, it’s important to capture ideas from our wider business.  Hence we are inviting everyone to submit their innovative ideas prior to the event. These raw ideas will be selectively picked up by participants for the Ideathon and the selected entries will get recognition.

Ideathon's finale

The hackathon has started!

Frequently Asked Questions

An Ideathon is a useful innovation tool for exploring difficult problems and creating new and innovative solutions. It does not have to involve technology but usually does. This is a strictly time-boxed event during which representatives from various disciplines come together to form diverse, multi-disciplinary teams and collaborate intensively. 

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Learn more about hackathons in general

Until 24th of September, 2020. 

25 September to 5 October, 2020

Ideathon is aiming to cover our Internal Function areas such as Administration
Human Resources & PDAC
Information Security
Facilities & Infrastructure
Marketing & Sales
Travel & Purchase
Information Systems
Legal & Internal Audit
Risk Management
Service Delivery

  • Recent Pandemic has swept through workplaces like a hurricane, scattering employees in every direction, exposing many to new challenges.
  • Customer needs and expectations have changed drastically.
  • Economic pressure has made revenue a matter of survival, the touch points where the customer and employee intersect have become even more critical than they already were.
  • We are operating in a Contactless Virtual World and need to engage workforce remotely and deliver the services virtually to customers.
  • Meeting internal customers & stakeholders in person is not possible however delivering the services is a must.
  • Workforce may continue to work beyond office campuses, hence it is imperative to enable technology infrastructure and flexibility to work remotely.
  • Productivity that we achieved during recent times must sustain.

Minimum 3 and maximum 5 members excluding Mentors (up to 2 mentors per team).

  • The contest is open for all employees across all Atos Syntel and Atos BNPS, India, US & UK locations.
  • Teams can be formed across locations, domains and projects.
  • An employee cannot participate in more than one team.

It is senior Mentor’s responsibility to nominate and sponsor their team for and during the Ideathon.

  • Mentor will not get the credit points if he is not a team member.
  • If information provided during online registration is found to be incomplete and/or inaccurate, even if related to just one team member, the entire team concerned will be excluded from the competition.
  • Teams may not be changed once the competition has begun and should even just one member of a team leave the competition, the entire team will be rendered ineligible.
  • Any applications submitted with incomplete or inaccurate information will result in the team being disqualified from participation in the Ideathon. Organization’s rulings in this regard are final.
  • Contactless Virtual Hiring & Onboarding
  • Contactless Virtual Training & Assessment
  • Wrapper applications to improve overall employee experience
  • Seamless provisioning of infrastructure to remote workers
  • Remote workforce management and tracking
  • Desk allocation with social distancing
  • OfficeCommute
  • Immigration/Visa/DeputationProcesses

The final submissions will be evaluated against:

  • Innovation, as in ‘How Innovative the Idea is?’
  • Feasibility, as in ‘Is Idea Feasible?’
  • Cost effectiveness, as in, ‘Will Implementation of the Idea be Cost Effective?’
  • Scalability, as in ‘Is Idea Scalable?’
  • Ease of implementation, as in ‘Will the Solution Developed from the Idea be Easy to Implement?’
  • Impact, as in ‘Does it enhance Employee Experience?’
  • Contactless, as in ‘Does it support contactless process?’

All ideathon teams will get X.O credit points including mentor. Shortlisted participants, winners and runner-ups will get additional credit points. 

Plain idea submission to the ideathon will not be awarded with X.O. credit points.

The points table is as follows:

  • 6 base credit points allocated for Participation
  • 4 Bonus points will be awarded in case you are in the top shortlisted teams. This is in addition to the 6 base credit points earned.
  • 4 Bonus points will be awarded in case you are adjudged the Runners-up or 6 Bonus points will be awarded in case you are adjudged the Winner. So, the cumulative score one can earn in case you participate, get shortlisted and win is (6 base + 4 bonus + 6 bonus pints (winner) is 16 points). Likewise, the cumulative score on can earn in case you participate, get shortlisted and are runners-up is (6 base + 4 bonus + 4 bonus points (runners-up) is 14 pints).
  • Note: You may participate in any or all of the Hackathons organised in the calendar year. However, the maximum number of points you can earn and log is 16 credit per skill (Skill 1 or Skill2).

Spot awards from Leaders

Winning and runner-up team members may get Spot Awards from Leaders. Apart from winners and runner-ups, teams that are specially recognized, may also get Spot Awards.

Ideathon's finale

24th September 2020

The hackathon has started!