Hackathon domain background

The Hackathons and Virtual Bootcamps Playbook has been written by the domain leads in order to provide a single source of truth for the programme over the period of 2019 and set ground rules for 2020+

The Hackathons and Virtual Bootcamps is 1 of 12 identified “domains” (called “The Flower”) which is arisen from the Atos Global strategy meeting in August 2018 and is sponsored by the group’s Chief Digital Officer Philippe Mareine and headed by group’s Head of Digital Transformation Javier-Ponce Suarez. It is the outcome of 6-month work performed together with Scientific Community and key feedback from 35 ExCom & Senior Leaders across Junior Groups, Gold Talents, Experts and Digital Transformation Leaders

Core team

Digital lead

Kristaps Romanovskis


Peter Brock


Claire Unwin

Scientific community advisor

Purshottam Purswani


Group’s Chief Digital Officer

Philippe Mareine

Group’s Head of Digital Transformation

Javier-Ponce Suarez

Advisory board

Chief Digital Officer – Public Sector & Health

David Dinsdale

Client Innovation Director

George Miller

Group Director, Enterprise Collaboration

Jan Krans

Head of User Experience, Unify

Mischa Van-Oijen

Key contributors

Lead Software Engineer

Mark Danforth

Software Engineer

Jack Kelly

UX Designer

Jingshan Wang