Before you begin

Firstly, hackathons are just a tool, not a solution. It’s important that you’ve familiarised yourself with the FAQ section of the Playbook and are confident that hackathons are the right tool for your problem to be solved!

Secondly, preparing for your Hackathon is as important as the running of the Hackathon itself. Hackathons are all about momentum and mindset – this needs to be in place as early as possible to ensure you can get the most out of the event itself.

Hackathons usually last from 1 to 3 days but the duration will be decided by the Hackathons Problem Statement and Business Setting. Preparation for such an event can take up to 8 weeks – so start planning early.

With this in mind, we have tools available to assist you in running your hackathon.


This playbook describes, in detail, all of the steps and milestones to consider when organising your hackathon and when they should be considered.

Good for: considering whether to organise a hackathon; more information & detail about hackathons

Focused Hackathon
Planning Tool

This tool provides a template that can be copied and customised for your own hackathon, providing a shared view you can use to track Hackathon tasks. 

Good for: Planning your own hackathon, personalising your event, shared ownership with a team. 

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Case studies

Internal and external examples for organisers and attendees.

Hackathon FAQ

General information on hackathon types, organisational tenets for hackers and organisers alike