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Frequently Asked Questions

A PoC (Proof of Concept) is a deliverable to prove that the proposed solution works in the given environment and there’s a practical application to it. 

A PoV is a step above the PoC but before the MVP. The PoV stands for Proof of Value and is used to go beyond the simplistic Proof of Concept so that it’s not just proving the solution works, but that it also delivers value.

So MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. Often referred as Minimum Lovable Product. 

An MVP is a product that’s focused on the Minimum Feature set, i.e. minimum amount of tasks supported in the product. Yet,  with a stong focus on a delightful User Experience to enable users to complete the tasks seamlessly. 

A StratHack is a 1-2 day event where we bring together Atos, the client and 3rd parties to focus on a strategic challenge (a ‘problem statement’)

It is designed to enable the audience to rapidly develop ideas (referred to as ‘hypotheses’) for how best to address the business challenge, taking input from subject matter experts and 3rd parties to think creatively and ‘outside of the box’

The output from the event is consensus over the most relevant and impactful solutions that will be progressed into delivery post-event

A successful StratHack requires strong preparation, an audience of open-minds and
the ambition to make change happen.

This can be a very natural follow up on Strat Hack.

A hackathon is a useful innovation tool for exploring difficult problems and creating new and innovative solutions. It does not have to involve technology but usually does. This is a strictly time-boxed event, usually lasting for 1-3 days during which representatives from various disciplines come together to form diverse, multi-disciplinary teams and collaborate intensively.

Examples already used within Atos:
Microsoft Power Hack and Red Hat Sustainability OpenShift Hack 

Learn more about hackathons in general

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