Atos Service Now Hackathon 2019

On 21st of November 2019, Atos Poland hosted a hackathon together with ServiceNow and University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz, Poland to raise interest in the local developer communities outside Atos and attract new tech talent to the company.

It was a great opportunity for the participants to learn about professional career and innovation happening at Atos as well as up-skill on ServiceNow technologies, CSS, JavaScript, REST and databases. In addition to that, ServiceNow and Atos provided dedicated mentorship for the competing teams.

"It was a huge possibility to learn new things, and meet new people., Loved the atmosphere, good food, and strong ServiceNow representation."

- Hackathon participant survey Tweet

Overview of the teams

1st place

Challenge: ServiceNow as a cryptocurrencies miner decision machine.

The team used ServiceNow as an automated machine to control crypto mining. ServiceNow was constantly monitoring cryptocurrencies stock data to make a decision which cryptocurrency should be mined to get the best profit. Based on stock data ServiceNow was sending orders to crypto miner server. Communication between stock and miner was implemented via REST API.

Used technologies: ServiceNow API, scheduled jobs; REST API; Crypto mining software server

2nd place


Challenge: Practical implementation of “Dynamic translations” plugin in the incident process.

The team configured a plugin, cloud translation tool and implemented API to the standard incident life cycle. The team demonstrated a real use-case for end-user creating a new incident (in the Polish language). ServiceDesk was able to get incident details, automatically translate data to English and reply. Comment added in the English language was auto-translated to the caller’s preferred language.

Used technologies: Dynamic translation plugin; Cloud translation tool based on Microsoft Azure solution; Rest API and ServiceNow API.

3rd place


Challenge: Vector robot as an alternative output device.

The Team created a new device to notice ServiceDesk user about important events. Every time when something important was added to the system (i.e. new incident, meeting, message), vector robot was able to read aloud details. In addition, the team also implemented integration between Slack and ServiceNow. Slack was source of data for ServiceNow.

Used technologies:Vector robot API, midserver and python scripts; ServiceNow API, REST API, SLACK API

4th place


 Challenge: Natural language support in Virtual Agent.

The Team extended OOTB ServiceNow Virtual Agent functionality by developing an AI technology to learn and recognize user’s natural language.

Used technologies: ServiceNow API; Virtual Agent designer; Cloud AI API and ServiceNow plugin

Mentors and pictures of the day

Lessons learnt

  • Ensure clear communication of the problem statements, give enough background for participants to be able to spend more time on brainstorming and delivering a solution, rather than in the discovery phase of uncovering the problem’s landscape
  • Once the problem statements (or challenges) are agreed, ensure reaching a relevant audience
  • Position Paid Summer Internships (TakeIT Easy) as a prize and take advantage of it during the promotion stage
  • Applicants should be pushed to confirm participation upfront and kept excited in waiting for the event (i.e. mailing with pro tips helping to win the hackathon, exploring alternatives such as donating for a charity to sign up, etc.)
  • Promotion of SN competency in Atos should be run all year round i.e. offline challenge with small prizes from time to time, sponsorship of ServiceNow (or alike) Developers Group, co-organizing classes on SN at University (SN vendor interested, something similar in Krakow by Capgemini), ServiceNow Expert Community group creation in Atos managed by SMDEV
  • Hackathon groups should be mixed (experts + newbies) to foster learning
  • Microphone – best to have wireless + ear one
  • Prepared SN instances should have all plugins enabled 


 Katarzyna Juszkiewicz-Leitão and Wiktor Karczewski

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