MS Power Apps Hackathon recap

The MS Power Hack has come to its conclusion. We are pleased to announce the names of the Winners who demonstrated their skills and knowledge towards building a relevant solution, aligned to the business value that will address real-world challenges.

Hackathons are at the heart of our philosophy and simultaneously cater to the organisational goals of building a pool of specialised Tech-Ninjas who can create innovative solutions for the customer’s business and deepen customer engagement. This advocates our commitment to foster a culture of growth and innovation across the organisation.

Online/F2F hackathon across geographies

This hackathon was particularly interesting as we were breaking down the geographical walls and leveraging the balance between the physical (co-located) and the remote medium to unite teams from Russia, Germany, United Kingdom and France

Hackathon’s feedback:

The MS PowerPlatform is a great opportunity to invent processes easily and fast. For Atos internally and customers. All in all an onsite hackathon would be better: more communication and faster helping by experts. All in all super event! I’ll like to take part in the next as well.

Hackathon’s participant
“Spectacular, Great!”Pre-event communication quality
4/5 starsStructure of the day
4/5 starsHow likely are you attend the Remote hackathon again?
5/5 starsHow likely are you attend the Co-Located hackathon again?
7/10 NPSOverall, how likely are you to recommend the Remote experience to a colleague?
8/10 NPSOverall, how likely are you to recommend the Co-Located experience to a colleague?
5/5 starsHow would you rate the quality of the MS Facilitators?

Participation stats

  • 7 teams
  • 25 participants
  • 100+ people engaged with the up-front training session and sparked interest across other GBU leads for hackathons


This time it was a tie! It was great to see both teams take action against the same problem, processing resource requests with availabilities more efficiently. It was refreshing to see two unique perspectives showcased on how to address a common issue in the different GBUs.

On-Site team in France
POC: Matching employees by their skills and preferences to projects
Team members:

  • Justine Charley
  • Kevin Darmon
  • Olivier Mallet
  • Yves-Marie Lemaitre

‘Brave Bears;
Remote team from Russia
POC: Processing automation of incoming requests for project resources
Team members:

  • Evgeny Shmelkov
  • Alexander Trufanov
  • Victoria Belokonova
  • Ekateria Dubovik
  • Pavel Sobolev
  • Oxana Chechkina

MS Power Apps Training

The MS Power Platform training recording is available for all Atos, Atos-Syntel staff. Access the training sessions here

More info

Overall, if you’re interested to learn more about the overall goals and mechanics of the hackathon, read more at MS Power Hack Overview

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