Sustainability Hackathon with Red Hat

There are very few people on the planet who are unaware of the environmental and sustainability challenges facing us all.​ Most people are keen to do what they can to mitigate the negative consequences of unsustainable living. ​However, even the most willing and active advocates of sustainability can disagree on the best way to achieve our common goals. ​

If we all knew how our efforts contributed to science-based targets such as limiting global temperature rise to 1.5C then it would make it far easier to measure the impact of our actions and work towards common sustainability goals.​

Hence we are inviting you to be the Positive Disruptors in the Planet’s Run towards a Sustainable Future by addressing this cause through Red Hat’s Open-Shift platform.


The proposed hackathon will take place across four locations of the Atos India offices (Chennai, Pune, Banglore, Mumbai) scheduled for the 30th of September to the 14th of October 2019.  


The selected platform for the hackathon will be the Atos Managed OpenShift (AMOS) embedding Red Hat’s Middleware technologies (RHOAR, JBoss EAP, Red Hat FUSE, Red Hat 3scale API Management, Red Hat AMQ, Red Hat Process Automation and Decision Management  

Hackathon problem statements

To kick-start the idea generation, we’re engaging with Atos-Syntel vertical leads to pre-define some of the problem statements within the Sustainability field upfront. These will be published on the hackathon’s guide and registration tool for you to pick. ​

  • Banking & Finance ​
  • Insurance​
  • Automotive (focus on automation)​
  • Manufacturing (focus on IoT integration)​
  • Health Care & Life Sciences​
  • Retail​
  • Telco​

But very often the best ideas come from the bottom-up, rather than being communicated from the top. Hence we are strongly encouraging You, the Participant to submit your own Problem Statement & Idea explaining how you and your team is going to tackle it during the hackathon.​

In order to take this a step further, here are a few examples of what could be tackled during the hackathon: ​

  • A “Data and scenario comparison tool to help sustainability projects to model their potential impact”​
  • Or develop “Connectors for IoT devices to increase accuracy in reporting of air quality, temperature, humidity or other environmental data” ​

The choice will be yours, either picking from one of the predefined problem statements or suggesting an entirely new direction.​

Evaluation Criteria

30%SustainabilityHow do you estimate the sustainability and environmental impact on thePlanet of your solution?​
20%Red Hat’s TechAdoptionHave you embedded at least on Red Hat’s technology and how efficiently it is used to address the Sustainability theme? ​
20%FeasibilityHow feasible it is to implement the solution in the business? (I.e. Does this have the potential to be the Go-To-Market solution for Atos, Atos-Synteland our Clients​
15%DisruptivenessWhat is the potential of this solution to disrupt the existing market and mindset? How might it happen? ​
10%Technical InnovationWhy and how is your idea innovative from a technical perspective? (I.e. using ML, IoT, etc technology solutions)​
5% Social AcceptabilityWhat is the expected public response to the solution, do you have any feedback? ​

Who can apply?

This first co-organised hackathon will be available for all Atos-Syntel and Atos staff based in India.

How to apply?

The registration window and wide communication will roll out on the 1st of August. Stay tuned for more!

Update: learn more about the hackathon

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