Worldline’s HackyDays#2

The Hacky Days #2 took place from November 6 to 8. During this second edition, a hundred participants, mainly from the R&D, Experts network and SDCO, gathered in 3 locations simultaneously: Lyon, Blois and Seclin.

The purpose of this second hackathon was to experiment and propose solutions to the problem of collaborative work in distributed teams in Worldline.

The participants, who had the opportunity to work with colleagues they do not usually meet, were able to propose 9 different projects and present concrete achievements to other teams as well as too many guests.

These days reinforce the links between colleagues and open the spirit to other ways of working, other locations, other teams, to improve the efficiency in an unusual mode, playful and relaxed.

“The rich exchanges during these 3 days of collaboration allowed us to create an interesting project and to create a strong link between people who are geographically distant. This type of project allows beyond the subject to better know the assets of each and put them to advantage in a more playful way.”

– Manon Pelletier, participant and lead of a subject at Hacky Days 2

The HackyDays#2 were made possible with the support of the HR France, R&D, Expert Network and Well being@Worldline entities. 

List of projects

Bug Bounty platform

Collaborative testing application for Worldline developers to indicate bugs and flaws in our applications. 

Events portal at Worldline

Creation of a portal with a single point of entry to Worldline events, infos like time, place, etc. and a kit with documentation to organize your own event in your own location.

Training Protocol of the Future

Portal to ease access for all employees to the same training offer, e-learning, face-to-face, etc.

Assistant guide

Virtual assistant to welcome new employees to a new location or new project, to follow the person and help them in their installation. Playful.

A mobile game for eco-responsibility

A mobile phone game to ease the adoption of eco-responsibility by allowing Worldliners to challenge their eco-friendly actions, and to earn points on their site, to then generate donations to a charity. 


A team servicing the other hackathon teams to help them deploy their applications in theOpenShift platform.

SRE, DevOps New roles

Digging in the subject and identifying the need for the new Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) and Devops job at Worldline.


An internal website that allows users to find technos currently in production so they can ask for help / expertise.

Collaborative development tools

Study and analysis of web tools easing remote work (meeting animation, pair programming, etc.)

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