Participation in a global Blockchain AI hackathon

Atos was challenged to develop a solution for next-generation digital ID and finished 2nd during the World’s biggest hackathon on blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

Official Odyssey Hackathon 2019 aftermovie

Our challenge:  The Dutch Ministry of the Interior challenges us to produce a truly new approach to reliably, easily establishing a digital identity (using real-world identification such as a passport).

Our solution:  An app that delivers personal identity attributes on a level of assurance compliant to eIDAS Substantial to make Citizen2Government and Citizen2Business solutions possible to the same level of trust, in accordance with the standards and philosophy of the self-sovereign identity principle.

Our MVP build during the hackathon: An app which proves how the current DigiD solution can be upgraded to eIDAS Substantial via a newly developed onboarding process.

And it isn’t game over yet. In the upcoming weeks, we have a meeting with the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations to discuss next steps.

A big thank you to the team, you did a great job: Eduardo Leegwater, Joost van Dalen, Martijn de Graaf, Roel Jonkman, Reimert Riddersma and Jan Krans. 

‘Hackathons are a great opportunity to develop talent, build better teams, speed up innovation and create business in a completely new way.’

Jan Krans, Group Diretor, Enterprise Collaboration

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