Atos Hackathon Manifesto

Hackathons are for those hungry for change, it’s for the innovators or plainly stated – the people who are not willing to settle with the traditional defaults. Such people come from all walks of life. It’s the diversity and a common goal that unites and inspires. It’s the organisational structure that provides a prepared soil for growth.

We love

  • Exceeding expectations
  • Learning new things & innovating
  • Working together to solve challenges
  • Being challenged

We Believe

  • In delivering value early and showing results quickly
  • Delivering outcomes with teams not individuals
  • Making the best use of everyone’s time
  • Shared understanding is essential to good outcomes
  • We communicate well, distance isn’t a blocker

We are committed to

  • Sharing visually to aid understanding
  • Figuring things out & self organising to get things done
  • Saying how things really are
  • Reflecting to find even better ways of working
  • Respecting other views/opinions regardless of hierarchy/role and diversity

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